Friday, August 14, 2009


Shelana and Justin and Lilly! I had so much fun Shooting your Family Photos! you guys were so great to work with!! Thanks so much! It was awesome!! :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear baby

This is a letter to all the babies that have been killed because of Abortion!!

Dear baby,

One day, you would have taken your first steps,

One day, you would have said your first word,

One day, you would have tried your best at saying the alphabet,

One day, you would have read your first book,

One day, you would have had your first Crush,

One day, you would have made your first best friend,

One day, you would helped bake cookies and get flour all over yourself,

One day, you would have held the hand of your first crush,

One day, you would have gone on your first date,

One day, you would have loved someone with your whole being and soul,

One day, you would have walked down the isle to meet your husband, or watch your bride walk down the isle to meet you,

One day, you would have shared the exciting news with your spouse that there is a new life on its way,

One day, you would have watched your child grow up and and experience all you have growing up yourself

One day, you would have grown old with the Love of your life!


There is no other word for it but murder!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am the Biggest Loser!

So Tonight as I sit and watch the Biggest Loser TV show I remember that i have not blogged about my success in weight lose!

Starting in January, I was watching Electra with my parents, and sitting on the couch looking at the beautiful, and Fit, Jennifer Garner, I said to myself, " that is what I want to look like one day!" But than I remembered my lack if desire to do anything that had to do with losing weight and I told myself I am going to be this way forever so get used to it!
not just a couple weeks before, had I weighed myself and to my horror I was 200 pounds!!!!!
I was like OMG! no way I am so not that Fat!!!!!!!!!!! But i really was!
So as i sat there watching Electra totally kit evil Butt, I realized there is Something i can do about it! I need to get off my big butt and exercise, and stop feeding my emotional issues with Food!

So, That night after we turned off the movie, I went in my room and exercised! and since then I have not stopped, i am eating better, and I am not eating just to eat anymore!

Yes! I still have those moments, when something will happen, and I want to run to the fridge, but instead I have learned to run to the weights and treadmill!

So I am soooooo happy, and proud to announce that I am 50 POUNDS lighter! Yes thats right I have lost 50 pounds!!!!!!!!!

Two of my biggest motavations, is one, Ali from the Biggest loser! She was alot bigger than I was and now she is what I hope to be one day! Check out the link and see what she looks like today!

And the second is my amazing Youth Group! I have been able to overcome So many emotional issues!!!!!!!!! With the help of My pastor's teachings, and the amazing Friends I have made, and the amazing leaders I have come to know, I have been able to lose weight, strengthen my relationship with God, and just smile and Laugh again!

It has been an amazing journey, getting to this point in my life where I can just enjoy my Friends, and family!!!!!

So i am continuing my journey with weight lose so I can show off my sexy abs, legs, and arms, next summer! lol!!

Anything is possible, you just have to do it!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Promise Ring!

Oh My Gosh! it has been a while since I have posted anything! I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year! Today i got in the mood to take some pictures! so I looked around my room to see what I had that meant a lot to me! And I found my Promise Ring that I got for my 14th Birthday from my Parents! boy that was a big day for me! My family did a Bat Barakah The Christian version of a Jewish Bat Mitzvah!
we had a huge party and lots of food! I got all dressed up and I went through a ceremony and said my vows, and my parents and grandparents read a blessing to me and my parents presented me with this ring!
I wore a tiara and gloves! So my plan now is when I get married I am going to wear the tiara and gloves and give my promise ring to my future husband on our wedding Night!
That was a very special day for me, and even though my fingers have gotten to big to wear my ring I Still cherish it with all my heart!

Thanks for reading folks!